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Chairman's Message
We are big company

Mangal Credit and Fincorp Ltd through its many years of endeavors has striven to achieve customer satisfaction more than anything else. We have catered top notch services in finance and investment to them. But, the bigger picture of our goal is unique, as we render our time into building trust- the very foundation of every relationship. That is why, today, MCFL hopes to be a helping hand at success for others.

Success is the most sought after desire in today’s world. Its multitude has no limitations for it means different to every individual. Fortunately for us it stands for knowing our purpose in life, growing to reach one’s maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others. What so ever be the definition of it, the principles for journey do not change.

In modern time, Eastern market, basically Indian is growing powerful day by day, displaying hints to prospective future. To gain advantage of this status, MCFL empowers organisations and pushes them through rough waters, so as to usher individual and economic growth in the country. The motive of my company, apart from delivering excellence, is to diversify, rationalize and globalize in all possible fields. We believe in invention and innovation while we get the best out of our resources to fulfill all the services this world needs.

Moreover, our company doesn’t shrine in money-making, but, we wish to win hearts of our shareholders by fulfilling their demands and making appropriate use of their funds. In spirit of this achievement Mangal Credit and Fincorp Ltd continues functioning sincerely.

Meghraj S. Jain


Mangal Credit & Fincorp Limited